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Skin cancer doesn’t just hit those with fair skin; young adults with constant sun exposure at risk

SINGAPORE — They did not think skin cancer would strike them. One thought it was something that happened to older people with a genetic history, and the other thought it affected people with fair skin.


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July 28, 2021

By now, most of us are well-versed in the importance of sunscreen: daily application can help prevent skin cancer, as well as the formation of dark spots.


Mum says son was ‘screaming in agony’ with ‘blisters the size of golfballs’ after using Aldi sunscreen in the heatwave

July 26, 2021

A YOUNG mum claimed her son was left "screaming" in agony with "blisters the size of golfballs" after using an Aldi sun cream during the heatwave last weekend.


What do UV Index numbers mean?

July 26, 2021

HOUSTON — It's important to protect your skin from harmful sun exposure, but how do you know when to lather on the sunscreen? That's where the UV Index, which measure UV radiation levels, can help.


If I have darker skin, I don’t have to wear sunscreen — right?

July 23, 2021

(WYTV) – Do people with darker skin have to worry about skin cancer? Yes they do — it’s the most common type of cancer in this country.


HSHS offers sunscreen tips

July 23, 2021

GREENVILLE — School may be right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time left to spend in the sun. Heads up moms and dads: Even a few serious sunburns raise your child’s risk of skin cancer. What’s more, most of the sun damage to skin occurs in childhood. That means protecting your child’s skin with sunscreen is essential.


Kaiser Dermatologist Shares Advice for Keeping Skin Healthy, Protected During Summer

July 23, 2021

With summer weather, Kaiser Permanente, which provides health care services to more than 12 million members in eight states, is urging people to protect themselves from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. However, as Dr. Megan Moore, a dermatologist with Kaiser, explains below, that doesn’t necessarily mean staying inside.



July 21, 2021

The latest incarnation of sunscreen controversy started with the downfall of a skincare community icon: Purito’s Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50+. In an in vivo test, the brand’s sunscreen displayed an SPF 19 protection level instead of the advertised 50.


Sunscreen recall: Neutrogena, Aveeno products recalled over benzene

July 15, 2021

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J - Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. issued a voluntary recall Wednesday over certain Neutrogena and Aveeno aerosol sunscreen products due to the presence of benzene — a cancer-causing chemical.


J&J Recalls Sunscreens After Carcinogen Found in Some Sprays

July 15, 2021

Johnson & Johnson is voluntarily recalling some spray aerosol sunscreen from the market amid concerns that the products could be contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical.


Why you should apply sunscreen every two hours

July 14, 2021

The FINANCIAL — With sunny weather and vacations on the horizon, we are once again being given plenty of warnings about the effects of the sun on our skin. It is clear that sunscreen is indispensable, but does it matter which one you use?


Why Sunscreen Is A Must Before And After Water Fun

July 14, 2021

Artificial sources of UV radiation include tanning beds; sun lamps and sunbeds; lasers; mercury vapor lighting; and halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lights. Sunlight is the main source of UV radiation. Even on a cloudy day, you can be exposed to harmful UV rays.


Mitra: Protect yourself from UV rays, even on cloudy days

July 13, 2021

Most skin cancers are caused because of increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays that mostly come from the sun, as well as indoor tanning beds and sun lamps.


What is retinol and how can a person use it?

July 13, 2021

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. Some people refer to it as vitamin A1. In recent years, retinol has gained popularity in the skin care market, due to its support of graceful aging and its beneficial effects on acne and skin tone.


7 frequently asked SPF questions answered

July 12, 2021

No holidaymaker or seaside day tripper in their right mind would leave home without a tube or two of sunblock. We all know sunburn is not just painful, but very bad for our skin, and that a generous slathering of cream is essential to prevent the risk of developing skin cancer.


UV protection: More than not getting sunburned

July 11, 2021

I have always been a little jealous of people who can be outside all day without experiencing sunburn. I wear SPF 15 lotion on my face year-round and I slather on SPF 50 or higher to all exposed skin in the summertime.


Sunscreen 101: Become a sun protection pro

July 8, 2021

Now that summer's here, it's important to be aware of the sun, so we asked pharmacist Victor Wong about sunscreen, aftercare, and even the types of cancers related to too much sun exposure.


All you need to know about mineral sunscreen

July 7, 2021

Mineral sunscreen, as suggested by its name, is the kind of sunscreen that uses minerals as its active ingredients. Here's all you need to know about it.


Nivea, Garnier sun cream: Which? magazine finds popular sunscreens fail protection tests

July 5, 2021

Two popular sun creams may fail to protect kids this summer, a Which? investigation has found.
Products by staple brands Garnier and Nivea have failed sun protection tests, leading the consumer watchdog to conclude that children are left unprotected in the sunshine.


Sunscreen saves skin from damage

July 5, 2021

Skin cancer is “definitely a problem in our community,” said Findlay dermatologist Dr. Michael Cairns, urging people to wear sunscreen and take other precautions.

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Should you use sunscreen after it has expired?

July 5, 2021

A doctor explains that when sunscreens expire, they either become ineffective, or cause a reaction like redness and irritation on the skin


Shining a Light on Sunscreens

July 3, 2021

Sunscreen isn't just for pool gatherings and beach outings: Using sunscreen every day could reduce your risk of skin cancer, experts say.


Sunscreens under scrutiny: New FDA rules coming after summer’s end, plenty of confusion over what’s safe

July 2, 2021

Ian and Michelle Merrill try to avoid potentially harmful ingredients in the sunscreens they slather on their four young children, ages 6, 5, 3 and 1-1/2.


Doctors debunk 12 myths about sunscreen, sunburns, and tanning

July 1, 2021

Getting a base tan will protect you from a sunburn later on. You know, a tan is temporary, but your skin never forgets.


Doctors debunk 12 myths about sunscreen, sunburns, and tanning

July 1, 2021

Dermatologists Jeremy Brauer and Michelle Henry debunk 12 myths about sunscreen and sun care. They talk about the effects of getting sunburned, whether getting a base tan will protect you, and what to look for in sunscreen.

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